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📣 Marketing Yourself

📄️ Telling Your Story

Figuring out how to tell your story is probably the most important part of marketing yourself. Once you've figured out your story, you'll want to find ways of incorporating it whenever you're communicating with a potential employer - your resume, your cover letter, your LinkedIn and GitHub, and in any job interviews. Especially if you're a career-changer, you'll have to do the heavy lifting of finding a common thread through your experiences so that a hiring manager doesn't have to.

📄️ Portfolio/Personal Website

A lot of early career devs ask "Do I need to have a portfolio/personal website?" There's no correct answer to this question, but if you want my two cents — if you're applying for back-end jobs, don't worry about having a portfolio unless you want to. If you're applying to front-end or full-stack jobs and think you'll enjoy the challenge, then it's a great way to showcase your skills. But if you're overwhelmed by the idea, it's also ok to spruce up your GitHub page and then focus your energy elsewhere.