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Self-Learning Resources

If you become a software engineer, you will have to do some self-learning at some point - it's pretty much a job requirement.

If you have the self-discipline to go this route from the start, there are definitely advantages - not the least of which is that self-learning is generally much more cost-effective than a bootcamp. Self-learning also has the advantage of being self-paced and much more customizable to your needs.

General, Beginner-Friendly Resources​

Free Bootcamp Programs​

Even though these programs are called bootcamps, I have them listed on the 'self-learning resources' page because there is more of an expectation of independent learning with these programs than with others, and I'd consider them to be some kind of hybrid between most bootcamps and self-learning.

  • FreeCodeCamp Web Development Bootcamp - This is a free six-week fundamentals course that I think could be a really great way to learn some of the basics of coding to get a feel for it! If this link has expired, search for the "Free Web Development Bootcamp" from freeCodeCamp.
  • 100 Devs - I know a few people who completed this program and have heard really great things about it! The 100 Devs community is also really strong and supportive

Computer Science Fundamentals​

Learning computer science fundamentals isn’t necessarily required to be a programmer, but it is an extremely helpful foundation to have.

Tools for Self-Learners​